The Academic Ninja Program

Writing Consultants for Kids?
Strategic Writing Correspondence Lessons Ages 11+

We teach strategic writing, because it is a skill that will help students in every subject and for the rest of their lives.     
Let us pour our attention over your child's essay or some other writing sample.  By discussing the composition with us, s/he can gain deep insight into the art of communication. Please consider investing in a $25 trial:
Academic Ninja Training Session ($25)
  1. The student sends one essay for our review.
  2. We send it back with corrections and a strategic writing lesson based on the essay.
  3. If the student has questions, we answer them.
  4. If the student sends an improved version of the essay, we’ll provide a final round of feedback.
Save 20% by paying for 5 lessons in advance ($20 per lesson)
CLICK HERE to arrange for a your child to send any essay, term paper, or any other creative writing project to an Academic Ninja training instructor for feedback about grammar and style of composition as well as other secrets of excellent writing. We hope use your child's writing projects as opportunities to convey important principles so that s/he becomes a master of language. "We impart the knowledge that leads to real mastery of language." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   

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