"Adult Day Care" should be called by a different name.

Excuse me, can anyone explain why we use the term “adult day care” to refer to a service we provide for the wise elders of our society?  I don’t care how demented or forgetful I become; the little rug rats I am taking care of now had better not ever use the word “day care” on me when they have to return the favor.  If anybody actually gave enough of a crap, they would use a different term. Use any other term. You don’t have to call it anything at all, really.  But do not use the term "day care."  What the hell.

Calling them by a different name is the decent thing to do, and it is also practical. Google around about "adult day care," and you will find that it is common for seniors to feel that using such a facility is an insult to their dignity.

The point of creating adult day care centers is to make it possible for informal caregivers (usually family) to keep their jobs and leave the seniors in the care of professionals. Some focus on socialization, while others have rigorous medical care. Some are dedicated specifically to sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease. With all these functions, it is possible to use a different term to express their role in the lives of our eldest citizens.

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