Document Editing: Time Management Rule #1

The most important time management practice is list-making.

You are already multitasking when you become aware of something more that you are required to do.  You cannot do it now, but you also cannot afford to have it on your mind -- because it will take up too much memory in your brain computer and slow your processing speed. 

How can you avoid letting your brain computer get knocked offline when an additional task is added?

Step One: Write it on the list that you keep in your pocket.

Step Two: Completely forget about it and get back to what you were doing. In this way, you skillfully fend off interruptions.

Step Three: Do not keep it as a file or email message to yourself. Keep it in your pocket (see step 2)

***Special Warning: Do not let yourself become intimidated by your list of things to do. It's lucky you are even keeping it.
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Lost List of Things
I write the list of things to do.
Weighing the sum of the whole lot.
I might have missed half of that shit
If I never polluted the pad with my burdens.

Responsibility weighs me down.
But I keep my head down in the work.
I don’t even look at that stupid pad
Until I have to add an entry or see what’s next.

I hate that pad that keeps me okay
With its things to do and its
Condescending ways
of talking to me.

But when I lost it one day,
And I had no idea what things there were to do
Or what was required of me…
I think something snapped sideways in my mind.

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