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You'll Doctor My Document for only $40?

We know we're not the only brilliant, inspired writers on the Web.  This is the $40 service we provide so that new customers can try us out:
  1. When you need something edited, send a document to
  2.  We'll send you an email invoice for $40.
  3. Pay the invoice and receive your improved writing project in two business days.
  4. We don't just correct errors and improve formatting. We also use the principles of rhetoric, persuasion, decision acceleration, and neurolinguistic programming for powerful communication.
$40 doesn't seem like a lot of money, but...

This reserves 80 minutes of professional editing to improve your document. Experienced editors can accomplish a lot in that amount of time.  Whether you need us to do a light edit, a heavy edit, or a complete overhaul, we can help.

**If you have a large project that requires more than one 80-minute session, we can provide significant discounts.  

Show Us Your Document and we will respond with a free (no obligation) price quote. After seeing what we can accomplish in 80 minutes, you can feel confident about hiring us for another session of editing.  We are trying to "hook" you with a great value so that you'll come to every time you need writing or editing service.  

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Professional Edit

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