Academic Ninja (book #2): Scholarship & Admission Essay Strategy

"Long-term goals are for wussies. They are goals you believe are impossible in the short term. 
A long-term goal does not make you feel a sense of urgency, but a short-term goal needs to be attacked right now. Short-term goals are the mark of a truly motivated person."

Academic Ninja (book #2): Scholarship & Admission Essay Strategy $8.50

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Writing this essay is a powerful exercise in self-analysis.  The student is trying to express what is important to her, what she wants to do to contribute to society. This essay is an important milestone in her personal development, because it is necessary for the student to communicate her PLAN for making a big splash in this world.
I don't care if the student gets accepted to her first choice college or even if she goes to college -- and neither should you, and neither should she.  College does not guarantee learning, and it does not guarantee a job.  However, it provides a lot of opportunity to explore one's interests and values so that the student can be the person she wants to be.  That is most important. Students should not be "rejected" by learning institutions; we should not even think that way. No matter what happens during this application process, she can stay focused on her goals and prevail.

And if the student is really determined to attend a particular college, we promise that this short ebook will give her an advantage.  How?  The kind of essay that makes the reader feel a real desire to provide every opportunity also happens to be the kind of essay that makes the student visualize a future as the kind of person she wants to be.  This is profound self-expression.

After getting through this ebook (20-30 pages of reading), the student can experiment with the techniques and improve her writing forever.  It only requires a few hours to read, and it only costs $8.50, so please make this small investment to provide her with a meaningful, memorable experience while she prepares to write these college essays and/or scholarship essays.

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