Ghostwriting in the Information Age

He lives in a creative haze that smells like incense and coffee,
Delivers a document, somebody pays – in a sense his lifestyle is carefree.
Nevertheless, he is uninsured and preoccupied with projects,
And the I.R.S. is always snooping and trying to take his paychecks,

“Five large and empty” are not real at all.
Our important concerns are fleeting like a dream.
He just turns his attention to the project that pays
And helps that client follow in folly the story of life situations.

The ghostwriter has no need for contracts.
Clients pay each week on a given day.
Nobody ever asks for money back,
But if they do, they can take it and go away.

At the time of this writing, approximately seven million Americans are unemployed.  I am not one of them; I make my bread by spewing the sacred word.  I don’t know any words that are particularly sacred; all words are sacred, because they are the tools of my trade and the product I provide.  With words and my laptop, I can always be okay and have some extra money for family. 

If you want to get involved with ghostwriting, we can help!  It'll cost you $40 if you want us to assess your skill and provide consultation.

Some projects are very difficult, but not as difficult as submitting the authority of some foolish manager or superior officer.  People can just leave me alone. I write documents, and nobody needs to tell me when and how to do that. And if you need a document written or edited, please send it to

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Public Speaking Ninja

Speaking to multiple listeners is like fighting multiple opponents.  You don't have to worry about all the opponents, because only one can invade your personal space at a time. Knock out one after another as they trip over each other's feet.

When speaking in front of a group, you can have similar bold confidence. Speaking to one listener is no different from speaking in front of several.  Just talk slowly so you can use a rhythm you like, and speak from the belly instead of from the throat.  Smile. Look at all the faces like so many interesting fish in a fish tank.  Smile. You are a public speaking ninja.

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What is the correct way to use a semi-colon?

Some writers use a dash when they should use a semi-colon, and others do the opposite.  There are actually several uses for each. You can Google around to find out all the details, but these two ideas are very useful and easy to remember:

1.) Connecting independent clauses with a semi-colon
A semi-colon is used the way a period is used:  to connect independent clauses.
"Jose won the contest. Everyone expected him to win."
"Jose won the contest; everyone expected him to win."

**An independent clause is a group of words that could be a complete sentence if they wanted to be, even though they might choose to be part of a longer sentence. Do not use a dash to connect independent clauses. Use a semi-colon!

2.) A dash works like a comma, but a really big one.  A dash is very useful for managing long sentences, especially ones that already contain a few commas -- this sentence being an example -- because using a set of 2 dashes can help you to avoid using lots of confusing commas.    So, a dash is like a really big comma that takes itself too seriously.

Another example:
Jose won the contest, an impressive accomplishment, and although he felt good about the victory he could not help thinking about the disappointment his opponent must have felt.
This could be written with dashes:
Jose won the contest -- an impressive accomplishment -- and although he felt good about the victory he could not help thinking about the disappointment his opponent must have felt. 
If the sentence needed to be longer, the dashes would be extra helpful for keeping the sentence clear:
Jose won the contest, an impressive accomplishment, and although he felt good about the victory he could not help thinking about the disappointment his opponent must have felt -- because this contest occurs only once every four years.  
In this last example, you can see that the dash works just like a comma.  It is useful, though, for helping the reader to compartmentalize the many parts of the sentence and think about it in an organized way.  Part of being a good writer is the ability to accommodate the reader's quirky attention.

NOTE: This is not a complete explanation for the uses of the dash and semi-colon.  There are other uses; for example, a semi-colon is often used to separate items on a list. In this blog, we just wanted to share the insights above and leave you with this easy-to-remember concept:

"A dash works like a comma that takes itself too seriously, and a semi-colon works like a period that does not take itself seriously enough." 

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