Your Professional Bio Can Be a "CALL TO ACTION"

Don’t make the mistake of trying to tell the reader everything about you. Instead, answer the questions that will help them quickly decide to contact you for your services, products, or expertise.

Here is an example of a strategically-written professional bio:

Jean Anne Evanoski is an education professional with more than 20 years of teaching experience at various schools in Central Massachusetts, and her knowledge makes a better place.  She began as an early education professional (preschool & kindergarten), but over the years she was needed in teaching positions for various grade levels. Now she has broken free of the traditional classroom and works as a freelance tutor and writing consultant for both children and adults.  In addition to writing help, Jean gives piano lessons, English lessons for ESL students, and private instruction for gifted students and those with special needs. 

If you want an inspired professional to review your child’s essays & term papers, providing valuable ideas and encouragement, send Jean a quick email message. ( A veteran teacher whose enthusiasm has never waned, Jean explains teaching and learning as components of “a larger system in which goal oriented people collaborate and support one another.”  Jean regards students not as children, but instead as colleagues in the art of lifelong learning.

Jean now works from home, receiving visits from students that she privately tutors and contributing to the Academic Ninja Program offered by  She exemplifies the ideal of lifelong learning by using her freedom as a self-employed professional to make time for classes in several subjects, including Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy, and Music Theory (What a combination!).

People of all ages can benefit by participating in strategic writing correspondence lessons with Jean and her colleagues.  Almost any piece of writing can be used as the focal point for the lesson. The goal is not only to improve the essay being used as the focal point for the correspondence lesson, but also to help the student practice applying the principles of powerful writing. Each lesson costs only $25 and consists of two phases of discussion & advice.  

Just visit and click on the link to the Academic Ninja Program. 

[end of PROFESSIONAL BIO sample]

***The sample above shows how a strategically written Professional Bio can move the reader in the direction of contacting you for your products or services.  If you are using the bio for job applications, it can even be tailored to specific employers. 

If you want DoctorMyDocument to write or edit your professional bio, use our contact form to provide the necessary information. It's a safe bet, because the price is Only $40 (300 words)

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