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As professional web researchers, we can find the information we need to write well about almost any subject, but if you ask for help in a subject with which we are unfamiliar we'll be honest about the kind of quality we can provide.  We take pride in our writing and reputation. also offers writing and editing service for all types of documents as well as an "Academic Ninja" correspondence program designed to help students improve their writing.
The company was founded in 2005 and is operated by a group of writers who share a particular philosophy of "strategic writing," which is a combination of art and applied psychology.  Clients of can submit any piece of writing to be improved based on the principles of "purposeful" communication: the psychology of persuasion, the elements of style in composition, and neuro-linguistic programming.

Some of the characteristics of the DoctorMyDocument style of strategic writing include:

  • Efficiency: Using more words than necessary is like throwing many punches just to land a few.
  • Memorable Theme: Introduce a concept intended to "stick" in the reader's mind. 
  • Rhythm: Soothe the reader's senses with some syllables that sing. Choose the words that rock you like a boat. 
  • Embedded Commands: Design sentences that include subliminal messages to be heard only by the reader's subconscious mind. 
  • Repetition: Do you think you'll remember to tell friends about "Doctor My Document" if you see it one more time?
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  • Pacing and leading: You might be getting restless after sitting at the computer, so maybe you'll click over to the submission form and leave it on the screen while you fly out into the real world. You can look at the form later.
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This moment, you can go the right way.  You can take the path of a slightly different you, very much like the existing you, except without the cigarettes.  Changing your mind is delicate work.  It’s like brain surgery without the surgery.  It’s like cleaning an oven, only it’s a self-cleaning oven, so it cleans itself, but that is really hard for an oven to do.  Well, you know what I mean.

Changing Your Mind
Tic, toc, tic, toc, you spill into reality, moment after moment.  Tic, toc, tic, toc, your person mixes in with everything else.  The world is constantly changing.  The person is constantly changing.  Subtle manipulations can be made if you are sneaky enough.  Are you sneaky enough?  Guide the person.  Tell her what she wants to hear.  Be nice to her, so that she feels very comfortable.  The way to make change happen for the person you call “me” is to direct that person, gently and sneakily, according to your will.  Repeat instructions over and over while the person is calm, while “monkey-mind” is sleeping.

Smoke-Strike: Like a hunger-strike, this is a practice of renunciation.
Resolve to be free of the habit for a few hours tomorrow.  The habit began when an occasional cigarette provided a temporary escape from your tired old routine.  No nicotine dependence had developed yet, so you smoked for other reasons.  When you first tried cigarettes you were trying something new, something exciting.  But cigarettes are not new anymore, are they?  Your relationship to cigarettes has changed completely.  Now they have become part of the tired old routine, and they offer enjoyment only in the form of relief from the physical discomfort associated with nicotine craving.  Your relationship to cigarettes has changed in such a way that, now, not to smoke would be an escape from the tired old routine.  Imagine that.

Reading Hypnosis: Rest in your practice.
Breathe easy.  Relax your face and shoulders.  Loosen away any tension that you might be holding in the chest area.  A subtle trance occurs naturally while you read, and you can deepen the trance by deliberately sharpening your focus until you achieve slender, pinpoint precision.  Cooperate with the trance, and go deeper into the stillness of the moment.  To stay with the reading and the sound of your breathing is so much easier than letting your mind wander.  These words are good for you, so do not read them with your ordinary, wide-awake discernment—let your guard down.  Let your attention float slowly across the page with each breath.

Creative Action: You can choose to be active or passive in any moment.
The extent to which you inhabit your own mind is the extent to which you can be an active creator of life.  Act according to your will rather than serving the impulsive, monkey-mind of the person, and you can create life as you go, shaping your life situation by gently manipulating the unfolding of events in the present moment.  If you act on every little passing impulse, you’ll be busy like an overworked servant.  A slave.  Don’t be a slave to the monkey-mind’s thousands of stupid little thoughts (they have nothing to do with you), because you’ll be too busy to create anything; you will not be an active participant.  You’ll end up like the lonely kid sitting with no one to dance with, benched on the sidelines of life.

Hypnosis Consciousness: Where subject and object meet.
You are awareness looking out at the world through the eyes of a person.  Humanity changes according to ideas that have been entertained, and your own life also changes according to ideas.  Hypnosis is the technique for accessing a deep place in consciousness, the place where subject and object meet, and introducing ideas.  The quality of your attention is what determines your ability to influence the changes that will happen in the world and in the person.  Strength of concentration is the necessary trait, the one that lets you co-create instead of suffering through life with no control.

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