Academic Ninja Strategy Guide & Strategic Writing Correspondence Lessons

I wrote the Academic Ninja books because I know some "secrets" about preparing kids to do well in school.  If you buy this book, it's a way to shove your daughter or son over that line that separates the confident kids from the kids who "don't like school" and don't apply themselves.

A short ebook with keys to academic success is like a secret weapon up the student's sleeve.   A secret weapon is a source of confidence, and with confidence it's possible to achieve one's full potential.  Why is confidence so important?
  1. During adolescent identity development, the child needs to be "good at" things and build an identity around the skills and interests s/he feels good about.  
  2. Some students discover that they are "good at" school, and others struggle.
  3. Students who struggle in school feel a need to find other things to be "good at" so they turn their attention elsewhere. 
  4. When a student experiences not being "good at" school, s/he no longer is willing to give 100% effort because it hurts to try hard and fail while others are able to succeed. 
The ninja parenting is like this:
  1. Buy a book like this one and give the student an advantage.  
  2. The advantage leads to confidence. 
  3. The confidence becomes the courage necessary to apply 100% effort in school.
  4. 100% effort applied in school leads to experiences of success.
  5. Experiences of success lead to even more confidence. 

So please buy the book, and then email me to tell me about your strategy for getting them to actually read it.  I hope it equates to a good value, and that depends on whether you can get them excited about the advantage they'll have after reading it.    

Academic Ninja Strategy Guide ($10)
Grades 6-12
Thanks for clicking over to this page and sharing our interest in improving students’ reading, writing, & study skills.  The Academic Ninja Training Program is an online resource with twenty lessons covering the most important concepts and techniques for successful students.

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Options for Awesome Parents:

That is what we call ninja-parenting: If you give the student an experience outside of school that quickly and painlessly introduces important concepts, the student will have an advantage and experience success. Improved confidence and self-esteem can change the child's whole life.  The point of the Academic Ninja Program is to equip students with knowledge of advanced concepts and skills so that they can get excited about school instead of intimidated by it.

This program is fun and motivational. Students can click on any topic in the side bar and enjoy a quick, fun lesson. We are currently in the process of adding audio to each page, so students can listen to the lesson while they read for a full sensory experience of the lessons. This fun tutorial can turn your child into an academic ninja.
  • Giving this product to a student sends a powerful message: "Your education is important, so I think about it often and invest in your success." 
  • The ninja may find inspiration & motivation in the fact that you bought this product.
  • Successful students have more confidence and self-esteem.
  • Each lesson is quick, easy, and fun, so the student will actually use this product. 
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you don't like it, we'll do a refund for your ten dollars, but you're going to like it. We want you to have a positive experience and tell your friends good things about DoctorMyDocument training programs.  :-)
We are professional ghostwriters, and we have a lot of experience using...
  • Structure and Style in Composition
  • Online Research
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Speed Reading
  • Citations in MLA, APA, etc.
  • Self-Hypnosis and Meditation
These skills can give your student an advantage.  If one of the lessons causes your child to experience success in a class where she otherwise would have experienced frustration, that is very meaningful. 
Rhythmic Writing   *   Ninja Cognition: Speed reading is easy   *   Introduction to Citation Styles: MLA, APA, etc.   *   A Good Way to Think about the Citation Styles   *   Using MLA to Write a Research Paper   *   Read Twice and Lower Your Expectations!   *   Memorization: Make Associations   *   The Paragraph Topic Sentence   *   Communication Artist   *   Say it, explain it, & say it again   *   Too Many Modifiers Spoil the Soup   *   Meditation   *   Responding to a Reading   *   Focus on Your Purpose   *   Silence the Self-Talk    *   How to Write a Thesis Sentence   *   Posture: Hang from a Cord   *   Creative Action as a Student

Options for Awesome Parents:

Strategic Writing Correspondence Lessons
(all ages $25)

Let us pour our attention over your child's essay or short story.  By discussing the composition with us, s/he can gain deep insight into the art of communication. We teach strategic writing, because it is a skill that will help students in every subject and for the rest of their lives. Here is an example of one strategic writing correspondence lesson for an academic ninja.
Three parts of a correspondence lesson:
  1. The student sends one essay for our review. We send it back with corrections and a strategic writing lesson based on the essay.
  2. If the student has questions, we answer them.
  3. The student sends an improved version of the essay, and we provide a final round of feedback.
Save 20% by paying for 5 lessons in advance ($20 per lesson)
  • The student needs to do some extra work in order to get to the next level; we can get them there if they are willing to invest a few minutes to practice after each correspondence.
  • We are professional writers, inspired about the chance to help students find deep insight into the principles of style and structure in English composition.  
  • With a little guidance and encouragement from us, a student can easily master the skills that make school easy. 
  • Writing is our specialization, but we can also help in many other aspects of education.
  • The correspondence lessons will only be meaningful if the student is truly ready to improve her/his academic writing.  
You can arrange for a your child to send an essay, term paper, or any other creative writing project to an Academic Ninja training instructor for feedback about grammar and style of composition as well as other secrets of excellent writing. We hope use your child's writing projects as opportunities to convey important principles so that s/he becomes a master of language.

Options for Awesome Parents:

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