Online Tutor: Writing Lessons for Kids

Don't we want the next generation of Americans to be excellent writers?

Whenever your child has an opportunity to write something, you tell her or him everything you like about it. That is what we do at DoctorMyDocument. Students send us their school papers, and we tell them everything that is great about the way they did it.

And for every TWO great qualities we see in the child's writing gives us the opportunity to teach them something. Why? Because after giving two compliments we have earned the right to teach them something.

Students do NOT like to submit a paper and have the teacher scribble all over it in red ink. Writing is art. Good teachers know this, but only the best teachers really know how to communicate with the child in a way that improves writing. It's like this:

  • Bad teachers give constructive criticism without taking the time to give compliments.
  • Good teachers often leave writing along, because they know it is art.
  • The best teachers give compliments TWICE AS OFTEN as they give constructive criticism, but this process takes a lot of time.

The result is that most students never learn to write well.  They might learn grammar, but they probably will not learn the finer points of efficiency, leading the reader's attention, doing strategic paragraph breaks, and adhering to their PURPOSE with vicious resolve.

Even the best teachers are not necessarily good writers, and even if they are they do not often have enough time to teach the finer points in school.  That is why DoctorMyDocument offers Strategic Writing Correspondence Lessons. Only the most eccentric parents would take time to arrange such lessons and pay the $25, but it is absolutely worth the effort.

If anyone pays for a correspondence lesson and does not feel that the student learned anything worthwhile, we absolutely will do a refund.  But the truth is that we will correspond with the student 2-3 times during each lesson, and this gives us the opportunity to give several pointers that they will remember forever.

Why will they remember the skills we teach? Because the Strategic Writing Correspondence Lesson is a novel experience, the kind of strange new experience that creates little moments never to be forgotten.

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