Online writing services offered by PracticeOrNot, based in Boston

Writing with perfect English is difficult!

College students, including busy professionals and bilingual/multilingual (ESL) English language learners, can have papers, reports, and presentations written by meditation practitioners from a Buddhist organization in Boston.

The city is full of diverse people who hire writers to promote their businesses or write thesis papers and dissertations. It also has some of the best educational institutions in the world.

Here is a list of the most active English writing companies for students affiliated with the Buddhist organization 'Practice Or Not' in Boston.

Here is one of the most unusual essay/paper writing companies in Boston. DoctorMyDocument began as a document editing service for bilingual/multilingual (ESL) people learning English. Now they help with all types of projects: Assignments, Coursework, Research Essays, Thesis Papers, Dissertations, Online Classes.

Contact DoctorMyDocument when you need perfect English for your website, thesis paper, professional reports, resume & cover letter, advertisement, or professional bio.

Ask about the strategic 'psycholinguistic' edit to instill a positive feeling in readers and motivate them to take action. The editors will improve the English and make suggestions about how to structure sentences to get the desired result. Any time you write something in English, you can send it to DoctorMyDocument for improvement based on the principles of psychology and persuasion.

This website uses linguistic psychology to choose the words that feel better to read -- the words that motivate the reader to take action. Document editing is a meditative art, and linguistic psychology should be part of any online English editing service. If you know the benefits of meditation, you might want to hire professionals who share that knowledge. Any kind of work can be like 'meditation in action' and it can be a source of great ideas to help you achieve your goals.
Say Ellis, the owner of the site, compares the psychology of language to the 'Jedi mind trick': I always think of the part in Star Wars when Obi Wan Kenobi uses the Jedi mind trick and tells some imperial soldiers, “These are not the droids you are looking for.” And he hypnotizes the guy for a moment. That is the kind of powerful psychology I want for my document editing. Consider these Boston meditation practitioners when searching for an excellent online English editing service.

Jay's Online English Editing Service
'Reviews By Jay' was a humorous collection of product reviews by a retired English professor from Boston. He now applies his talent by ghostwriting and editing for people who need their English improved. He explains, "Many of our clients at Online English Editing Service have great ideas, but they sometimes struggle with English grammar, or they don’t feel sure about how to express their ideas in a way that’s professional and persuasive. That is where people find the usefulness of an online English editing service.

Jay and his associates will revise your content based on the collective ideas of everyone on his team. He promises, "We are sincere in our work, whether it is a very small job or a year worth of document editing." They specialize in helping English language learners express their ideas with clarity and confidence.

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