A disoriented incarnation of god.

Person - per·son/pərsən/Noun - A disoriented incarnation of god.

I was arguing with an atheist, and he said he had no reason to believe "god" exists.  But "god" is a word, and it refers to something I do believe in.

God is the word we use to name that being which is having a creative experience.  The being's motive for creation must be the same as my own motive, which is to make existence tolerable. 

You can't deny the existence of a creative being having an experience. Here you are! And it would be egotistical of you to assert that you are the most powerful kind of creative being.  So what is far-fetched about a god-concept?  You are like a goddamn god walking around right now, muttering about how far-fetched it is to think some being like you could exist.

So, here we are as the "imagination of ourselves" (Bill Hicks said that...).

As you can imagine, it was an unforgettable experience, arguing with that atheist.  There I was, face-to-face with a disoriented incarnation of god... trying to convince Him that He exists!

;^) -- You know who you are, you idiot!

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