The Academic Ninja Program

Writing Consultants for Kids?
Strategic Writing Correspondence Lessons Ages 11+

We teach strategic writing, because it is a skill that will help students in every subject and for the rest of their lives.     
Let us pour our attention over your child's essay or some other writing sample.  By discussing the composition with us, s/he can gain deep insight into the art of communication. Please consider investing in a $25 trial:
Academic Ninja Training Session ($25)
  1. The student sends one essay for our review.
  2. We send it back with corrections and a strategic writing lesson based on the essay.
  3. If the student has questions, we answer them.
  4. If the student sends an improved version of the essay, we’ll provide a final round of feedback.
Save 20% by paying for 5 lessons in advance ($20 per lesson)
CLICK HERE to arrange for a your child to send any essay, term paper, or any other creative writing project to an Academic Ninja training instructor for feedback about grammar and style of composition as well as other secrets of excellent writing. We hope use your child's writing projects as opportunities to convey important principles so that s/he becomes a master of language. "We impart the knowledge that leads to real mastery of language." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   

Dissertation and Thesis Editing in all Citation Styles

Academic Editing Projects
1,000 words of Editing
We can help you write with perfect English and correct MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard documentation. Let us edit and format your research paper, dissertation, or thesis and in compliance with the submission guidelines for your school.  

Free Reference List!
MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian.

We are fluent in all major citation styles, and all four of us share a passion for helping people achieve their professional and academic goals. We write because it can be meaningful work, but the meaning is drained away if our client is left dissatisfied.

Discounts are available for large projects!

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About Us:
Pain Management Café

Writing Editing Advertising

· Professional Editing for Any Writing Project
· Business Owners, Ask about the “Guerilla Press Release”
· Grad students, we can help with dissertations and thesis papers in all Citation Styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, etc.)

Pain Management Cafe is not really a cafe. We do drink coffee, though. Your projects enable us to continue doing what we love—writing, editing, making our own schedules and meeting great people.

All four of us live in the Boston area, and we are available to correspond with you as often as necessary during our completion of your project. We do not try to exaggerate our capabilities or mislead our clients in any way. Ordinary people with specialized skills, Justin, Sarah, Sue and I enjoy the spaciousness and freedom of freelance work. It's from that spaciousness and freedom that inspiration can be summoned for your project.

Sue is self-employed, selling her crafts online and at her shop. Justin works for a day-habilitation facility for developmentally challenged adults. Sarah is a vegetarian who practices Tai Chi Chuan and is studying Chinese Medicine. I (Kevin) make freelance writing my livelihood, even if it leaves me frazzled from time to time.

We use a great system that provides you with three stages of editing for every project, and the flexibility from our collaboration enables us to work efficiently, inexpensively.

Advertising, Ghostwriting, Biography Writing, Web Research, Copywriting, Editing, Brochures & Publications, Articles & Web Content... We write press releases for businesses, resume & cover letters for professionals, and research proposals for grad students.

We are ordinary people with good intentions. Please allow us to work for you—we strive for excellence, so you can think of us with confidence whenever you need something written or edited.

Thank you!
Kevin Matteson
Please send us a message! Let us know how we can modify our service to meet your communication needs!
You can pay with Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

Thank you for your interest in our writing service. We won't let you down!

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for Your Business

We earn the confidence of our clients by working in a goal-oriented way. Tell us how to help you achieve your goals, and we will invest as much time and attention as necessary to do so.
A cool-headed entrepreneur can settle into a situation and perceive the subtle truth hidden just beneath the surface of ordinary reality. What is that magic that enables some small business-owners to manifest crazy abundance? Goal-oriented action, with careful precision and timing, is the entrepreneur's ritual act of money-making magic.

The most expensive advertising is not the best advertising. Mustering something up from almost nothing is the practical magic of the creative entrepreneur.

Abundant public interest is reserved for those who are able to be abundantly interesting. Expensive advertising is for people who lack creativity. You need publicity, and journalists need interesting stories, so the way to get free advertising via a journalist is to have a professional writer send him/her a well-written press release about your business. An interesting, correctly formatted submission for immediate release makes the journalist’s job easier.

Marketing firms that charge hundreds of dollars for press release services are not worth the money if they cannot help you come up with an angle of appeal. A $450 press release from an expensive firm is useless if the story is not interesting enough for the journalist to publish. An inexpensive press release that captures the immediacy and excitement of your offer is better. But what if nothing particularly exciting is happening with your business right now? The Guerrilla Press Release is one that twists reality just enough to transform the ordinary into the newsworthy. Whatever product or service you offer, The Guerrilla Press Release can make you newsworthy.

The Guerrilla Press Release is priceless! Well, to be perfectly honest, it's $195. More than just a document, it involves unconventional tactics and a creative twist that will make your business newsworthy. The smallest amount of creative action makes a winning press release possible.

Normal thinking is for the consumer; entrepreneurs create reality as they go along. The entrepreneur has to go a little sideways from time to time. Let us twist up a brilliant presentation of your business. It's only $195, and you will be surprised to see how newsworthy you can be.

Professionally Written Biography / Memoirs

You Don't Need to be Famous to Have a Professionally Written Biography

This is like a portrait painted in words. It can portray the story of an individual, a family, or an organization. I have written memoirs for several people, and in the process I developed a taste for the satisfaction of helping people give expression to their life-lessons. I'll take any opportunity to write someone’s biography, because I can't think of any other job that would be so meaningful.

Let us write your story for you. The four of us are passionate about writing and editing, and we have good intentions. We can help you to actualize your idea. These stories, our lives, sometimes unfold into reality faster than we can write them down. In this one, ongoing moment, our lives transpire, and we need to capture the essence of each story as it happens.

If you know someone who has a story that needs to be told, please ask for some samples of our work. Also, allow us to send a questionnaire via email; fill it out to whatever extent you choose, and we will use the information to acquire an understanding of the story that we are to write. As a trial offer, we will write the first 500 words for based on information that you provide.

$49 trial: First 500 words

If you like our work, please let us write the story of your life, the life of someone else, your business or your family.

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