Readers love figuring things out on their own.

Use brevity.

I value brevity so much that I sometimes say, "Medium regular!" even though I actually prefer milk instead of cream.

Brevity is important, because "less is more" when writing Web content. Less information is more fun. Same as in school. Readers don't really want to hear what I have to say, so I just say something rhythmic, and their minds imagine images. Chicken finger. Readers love figuring things out on their own. Uncooked, Chinese chicken finger dough takes ten minutes to chew.

Every sentence is work for the reader. It's just like toxins in food. You cannot eat without getting toxins, and you cannot write sentences without detracting from the reader's experience.  The best way is to not write anything at all and instead leave the reader alone to enjoy bliss in the present moment.

But if you must write something, use brevity.

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