Skilled Freelancers, meditate deep into the heart!

You can feel comfortable in this society of freelancers,
We’ll help you reconcile your work with your practice of meditation.

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Be the being seeing through the eyes of the person

By becoming a member of our community, you affirm your decision to incorporate meditation into your work as a freelancer. This means that you will do three things each day:

1. Formal Practice: Spend 5 to 20 minutes in seated breath meditation practice at least once or twice each day.
2. Working Meditation: Keep some attention inside the body as you work, expressing every inhalation and exhalation in all its profound fullness, and be present as the being that sees through the person’s eyes.
3. Remember to play. When you are fearless, your person can be authentic, responding spontaneously to the natural tendency toward homeostasis, and this manifests as play. When you allow the person to be spontaneous, you are allowing your small part of universe to integrate with the whole, and it feels good.

The remote being that is prior to the person

Giving helping other people feels good in a unique way, different from other good feelings. It feels good to give of your person, and this may be because it is a way of integrating with the Whole. When you feel good after helping a stranger, it makes you think of that teaching from the Wisdom Traditions:

We are all one consciousness, many perspectives.

One of the teachers whose work inspired MeditationFreelance is Dr. Deepak Chopra, and he believes that the universe accommodates those whose activity benefits the collective. If you believe that too, you can let your freelance work be like a great blessing to society, to your family, and to your clients.

Meditation Freelance supports World Vision, a charity that rescues children from poverty.

Online learning in small doses…
Powerful communication is concise. Each week, we’ll provide helpful information in small portions that will stick in your mind throughout the day. Topics include:

• Daily Meditation Reminders.
• Freelancing tips.
• “Impact words” in advertising.
• Internet security.
• PayPal/Ebay advice.
• Crash course in Photoshop.
• Meditation for energy collection.
• Easy programming concepts.
• Breaking habitual patterns.
• “Working meditation.”
• Driving traffic to your site.
• Avoiding back pain and headaches.
• Self-hypnosis for personal power.

... and many more topics excellent for discussion in collaboration among Meditation Freelancers.

Why, I should become a member…!

Responsiveness to your needs. Your interests and questions help to establish the direction that will be taken by Send all questions and interests to We cannot respond directly to all questions, but we do our best, and our resources increase as quickly as we attract new memberships. Please ask a friend to join our community today!

Access to our awesome discussion forum. More than one hundred freelancers are already collaborating in our forums, which are accessible to members only. We trade secrets about various tricks and strategies that give us the competitive advantage. Please ask your questions, and offer some advice to others who can benefit from your knowledge.

20% Discount on editing, advertising, writing. Send a message to

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The most comfortable, casual kind of online learning…

1. Want personal power? Master the Principles of Hypnosis
2. Want to attract clients? Master the use of Facebook, Myspace, Craigslist, and more.
3. Want to create awesome graphics? Master Photoshop C3 with Pete Giomarco.
4. Want to create a simple website today? Master a 5 step process for getting in business.
5. Want more energy? Master the art of making work a meditation.
6. Want to be strong at age 99? Master the correct way to practice Chinese Qigong.

Join us! We are beings being beings.
It only costs $12 to join our community, and you can use PayPal to make that donation again three months from now. We ask that you pay a $12 membership fee quarterly, so it really is not very expensive, and we donate 10% of our profit to World Vision.

So, please get your friends to join as well, and help us to make this community a powerful resource for all types of freelancers.

Being a freelancer is something like being a warrior. You are a survivalist with a skill that makes you different from other people. Why be alone as you brave the waters of the Internet? We know about the pain and frustration that can arise during freelance work, and we want to help. We believe that our community will grow if we continue to help our members in meaningful, current ways. This is a place for you to share your ideas, ask your questions, and learn various skills that might help you to stay focused and happy as a freelancer.

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The cool part is that if you refer more than 4 people, you will begin to receive money from us each month!

Set a goal of brining in 10 new freelancers, and for as long as they are all members we’ll pay you $18 quarterly ($72/year). It’s not much, but the point of this referral program is to get new freelancers to use PayPal, network with people, and think strategically.

Meditation Freelance supports World Vision, a charity that rescues children from poverty.

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