Pimp My Profile! (or Professional Bio)

Hello friends,

The purpose of this post is to invite you to use the $40 DoctorMyDocument service. For $40 we can pimp your profile, resume, professional bio, or any other piece of writing.  Even if you are a great writer, it helps to have other people contribute their ideas when you are working on an important writing project, especially one that will be important for you as a professional.

We will doctor your document to make it more effective for achieving the intended result.  You might have a variety of results to achieve, depending on who is reading it, in which case we will need to word our sentences very carefully in order to maximize profit or optimize the impression you make.

For more information about the DoctorMyDocument $40 service, please visit our home page. Don’t make the mistake of trying to tell the reader everything about you. Instead, answer the questions that will help them quickly decide to contact you for your services, products, or expertise.

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