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Document Ninja Training Session #1

The first ninja training session is about quickening your attention. There is no such thing as quickening your attention, because attention is neither fast nor slow. Attention hovers in a steady way, but you can slow down your activity so that your attention becomes quicker relative to what you are doing.

We'll send you a document that can help you quicken your attention and hone your document ninja-ing skills. Reading this document will help you to be more methodical with your written and verbal communications.

Stylistic Concepts for Email Communication
Crash Course in Neurolinguistic Programming
Feeling Your Words
Covert Hypnosis
The Power of the Topic Sentence in a Paragraph
The Power of the Topic Sentence in Argument
Say It, Explain It, and Say It Again

Now do you feel inspired to make a donation and receive a document? Thanks for your interest!

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