Feeling that smooth circulation?

 "Come on! Let's be ninjas!" -- Bill Hicks

You invest $2.95, because it will force you to follow through with your plan.

If you don't follow through with your plan, you'll have wasted three bucks, and you'll feel like a clown.  Come on! Just pay me my three bucks and follow the steps for setting up your online business!

A GIFT FOR YOU. Thanks for visiting our page.

I want to make this connection with you, but I have to charge you $2.95 Heh, heh. Because we are all here to prosper. So please, jump into the game and start to circulate some money.

Add energy to the system, and get that ball rolling.

The "least you need to know" to start making money online:

We want to help you get your online business started.  The little e-book you are thinking of buying contains the most useful methods we know for creative people trying to make money and be happy. Quickly and easily, you are about to learn the same method we use:

  1. Set up a web page and make it easy for people to pay you online.
  2. Write documents and web content strategically, according to your purpose, with good style and structure.
  3. Get some traffic to your page.
We hope you find success and stay in touch with DoctorMyDocument so that we might contribute to one another's success! Help preserve the tradition of Step-Aside Style Communication Kung Fu.  Step-Aside Style is our family art, a kind of kung fu for writers and other people who know that the pen is mightier than the sword.

And now you are going to the next level...
DAY ONE: Set up a PayPal Business Account
DAY TWO: Set up a Blog at www.Blogger.com
DAY THREE: Buy a Domain Name at www.GoDaddy.com
DAY FOUR: Get a shopping cart from PayPal’s “Merchant Services”
Getting People to Notice You
Important Resources
Go to the next level with strategic writing…
NLP for advanced writing techniques
Strategic Writing: Trim away unnecessary words
How to write a thesis sentence
Go to the next level with your meditation…
Energy follows attention


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