I'm Nicole from DoctorMyDocument, and I help busy professionals in degree programs.

I'm part of a small team of academic writers who specialize in Business, Nursing, and Education.

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I write papers, discussion posts, research projects, reading assignments, and graduate level papers with quantitative or qualitative research. 

We write papers for busy people who have high-stress jobs, or family responsibilities that get in the way of writing papers and discussion posts. Some clients say we saved them from having to restart their program, or give up on the idea of completing their degrees.

Some people think it's wrong to write papers for other people, and that's understandable because as kids we're told to 'do our own work'.  But this is grownup time now, and some people really need to hire writers to help them through their classes. Writers don't need to be 'starving artists' and busy people don't have to drop out of their programs, or ignore their kids. Some people really need to hire writers for help with their classes.  Professional academic writers pay attention to detail and meet all requirements, so you can be confident in your submissions. 

I totally get what it's like to struggle with online classes and graduate-level research. The Internet made it possible for people to collaborate in new ways, and now we're able to reach a higher level of specialization in our areas of interest or business. The degree programs are mostly online now, but the increased efficiency doesn't decrease tuition. Realistically, some proportion of people in degree programs have potential to complete them but life is just a bit too demanding at the time.  If you're among those people, we can help.

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