A positive review of a person: Glynne Kalil (Owner of Legendary Motors in Braintree, MA)

Once upon a time there was a blogger from Boston who offered to write promotional web content for a car dealership.

It was me. I'm the blogger, and the dealership is Legendary Motors in Braintree, MA. I said, “I can write something about your business – maybe a testimonial or a review?”

The owner of Legendary Motors, Glynne Kalil, said no. She told me she would find some notes written by previous customers so I could use them instead.

I offered again to just write something, but she still said no. She told me, “I can't have you write something about Legendary Motors, because you never shopped here. In the auto industry, people who don't want to fall into the trap of sleazy salesmanship need to always be completely honest and real.” She smiled and added, “Buy a car from me, and then you can write a testimonial.”

To be honest, I hadn't even realized I was suggesting something dishonest. But she was right, I can't just write a testimonial if I didn't experience the dealership the way a customer would experience it.
SO, instead of writing promotional material about the dealership, I'm writing this positive review of a person:

There is a stereotype about used-car dealerships doing dishonest business, but Glynne Kalil is the owner of a used-car dealership, and she gave me a lesson in honesty! When I wrote something for her, it had to be entirely accurate and informative. When she said she was going to do something, she did it. When somebody I know needs a car, I'll send them her way. As a self-employed professional, I'm grateful whenever I get to network with someone who is rock-solid reliable.

I give Glynne Kalil of Legendary Motors five stars for keeping it real.

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